Shipping & Returns


The trans-shipment of diamonds is strictly controlled by customs authorities worldwide and ‘thediamondrobot’ adheres fully to international customs and shipping protocols.

Whether the diamond you have purchased is for personal or commercial use, your local Customs authority is likely to charge a duty on the item irrespective. Furthermore, authorities in specific countries will insist that clearing diamonds and gemstones through Customs can only be undertaken by an authorized customs agent and not the shipping company. We therefore urge you to contact your local customs authority in advance of your purchase to clarify precisely, which restrictions apply on the importation of diamonds and gemstones into your country.

In addition to customs duties, you might expect shipping companies to charge a separate handling fee on your parcel. We have had feedback from customers that this fee is sometimes negotiable and might be reduced.

As such, local Customs Duties and Customs fees as well as Handling Charges, which are set locally by the shipping company, are not included in our “Free Shipping” policy.



The Diamond Robot, or www.DiamondRobot.comis the online store owned and operated by;

DY Diamonds Ltd (513555946)

Room 801, Noam Building,

23 Tuval St, Ramat Gan, 

Israel 5252238.

Telephone: +972 3 751 8922

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the merchandise that you have received we urge you to contact us directly in order to understand the nature of the problem. We will do our very best to help settle any issues promptly.

Should you wish to return your item, The Diamond Robot / DY Diamonds Ltd provide a 14 day money-back guarantee, which is given under the following terms & conditions ONLY.

The diamond or diamonds or gemstone or gemstones in question - hereafter known as - Merchandise - must be returned to DY diamonds Ltd within 14 days of receipt and will be done so at the expense of the buyer (that's you!) in accordance with the following conditions.

The Merchandise must be returned in its original condition without any damage such as chips or scratches to the Merchandise and without any trace of artificial enhancements or treatments to the Merchandise of any kind.

A period of 3 working days will be taken for in-house inspection of Merchandise, by DY Diamonds Ltd in order to establish that the Merchandise matches our data records precisely as well as the details for the said Merchandise as printed on the original laboratory certificate.  

Merchandise, which is returned to DY Diamonds Ltd for a refund, is to be returned at the cost of the buyer (that's you!) – including but not limited to all additional expenses. These expenses include all handling charges, all local taxes, all insurance charges and all fees that are payable in addition to any Shipping charges.

Any Merchandise returned to DY Diamonds Ltd must be insured against damage or loss in transit by the buyer (that's you!).

In the event that the Merchandise has been opened from its seal by the buyer and the buyer wishes to return the said Merchandise, it is the buyer's responsibility to first re-seal the Merchandise at the respective gem laboratory BEFORE return shipping and in accordance the above conditions only.

Once Merchandise has been shipped as a return, it is the buyer's responsibility (that's you!) to inform us - (The Diamond Robot / DY Diamonds Ltd) by email, telephone or fax - to expect the return shipment.

Additionally, the buyer (that's you!) is obliged to provide The Diamond Robot / DY Diamonds Ltd with all the relevant tracking information for the shipment.

The Diamond Robot / DY Diamonds Ltd Is Not Responsible for any Merchandise that we do not receive.

The Diamond Robot / DY Diamonds Ltd Is Not Responsible for any Merchandise returned, but which does not comply with ALL of the above terms and conditions.

All returns incur an automatic, non-negotiable re-stocking fee of 15% of the original sale invoice.

By purchasing our merchandise through this site, you automatically agree with the above terms and conditions.

All refunds will be made by PayPal only.

Thank you for your business.

The Diamond Robot and DY Diamonds Ltd.