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The Diamond Robot website is an ecommerce website and part of the Haruni family business.

Originally established in London’s Hatton Garden, our offices at London, Geneva and Tel Aviv have been at the forefront of trade in precious gemstones and natural fancy colour diamonds for almost 70 years.

Once fully established in the UK and with the gem business hitting its peak, we were fortunate enough to earn the reputation as a principal provider of fine, single stone rubies and sapphires to the jewellery industry in Europe, Great Britain and the US. With the opening of our Geneva office, we broadened our existing business to include the supply of calibrated gemstones to well-known, Swiss watch manufacturers.    

Following the first gulf war in 1991, the gem trade experienced a dramatic downturn. Yet, through our office at the Israel Diamond Exchange, we began to proactively update our existing inventory of coloured gems, with a new, vibrant collection of certified natural fancy colour diamonds. At the same time, we decided to diversify our interests into businesses outside of the gem trade. The most notable of these projects was the establishment of Dalton Winery in northern Israel ( Opened by my father in 1995 and managed by my elder brother, Dalton currently produces 1.1 million bottles of wine annually and is considered to be amongst the finest of Israel’s premium kosher wineries.

Today, my younger brother and I share responsibility for the gem and diamond business, with each of us actively trading in exceptional gemstones and singular natural colour diamonds.  

All of our diamonds and gemstones – including those available for sale on the DiamondRobot website - are ethically sourced and have been procured according to the highest industry standards and in accordance with all international treaties governing the movement of conflict-free diamonds and gemstones.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our inventory and we will be happy to assist you should you have any questions.

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